Our journey so far. Come join us

Causeway Organic was established in October 2015 to source fresh local organic food for North Coast residents. Borne out of a personal search for better vegetables, combined with the realisation that others were looking too, Causeway Organic was started as a way to fulfill that demand. 

Our vision is to connect great local food producers to North Coast consumers, so stimulating a growth in local organic food production. We want to facilitate nutritious and ethical food choices for consumers. In farming we want to see more of our food grown, cared for and nurtured locally benefiting our rural economy and environment. For too long farming has been undervalued, abused and disconnected. We believe by connecting concerned consumers with caring local producers Causeway Organic can be an agent for positive change in food and farming on the North Coast.

Causeway Organic is run as a business as it needs to be self-sustaining. However profit is not our definition of success: We will have succeeded if we can help people enjoy the true value of food; if we can play a part in the development of the existing supplier's businesses; and vitally if we stimulate the establishment of new growers and producers, especially here on the North Coast.

Products & Ordering


All produce is delivered to the Causeway area resident's doorsteps on Saturday mornings. 


We use BuckyBox to organise our orders.  It is a specialised online platform for local food delivery services just like ours!